Monday, 5 March 2012

it's silly - i've been nervous about posting in my own blog. going to ease myself into it and just focus this first post on my current sewing 'to do' list:

  • make new dining chair covers - one is complete, three cut and zigzagged, ties for three ready. two to cut/zigzag etc still
  • pirate bunting for my son. want this to be ready by his birthday party in just under three weeks
  • make new red and white polkadot curtains for my daughter's bedroom
  • finish her patchwork quilt inspired doona cover
  • finish my son's art smock for school. it would be good but not essential to have this done by thursday.
  • spend some time sewing doll clothes - haven't made much at all over the last month
the new chair covers:

tomorrow will be a day to rip through some of the stuff on the list - eldest at school, youngest has a full day at kindy. would be nice to have two more chair covers complete before bed tonight but have to do some housework and washing and it is almost time to pick up the boy from kindy (although i have enough time to go to the thrift store if i leave now!).

righto - off i go!

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