Monday, 19 March 2012

hmmmm - over two weeks since i last blogged. haven't achieved all i wanted to achieve in this time, either. i have completed the chair covers, finished my daughter's new bedroom curtains and made two pairs of different pirate-themed shorts for my son (so he has options on his birthday party day). yesterday i finished his bunting and it is already hanging up in our dining room (it shall go to his bedroom after the party) and i am so pleased with it.

the boy's art smock still waiting around to be finished, as is my daughter's doona cover. and i have had a bunch of half-sewn dolly outfits hanging around forever, it seems. these projects may have to wait until after the boy's party, though. right now i need to concentrate on:

  • tidying up - the front windows need cleaning again *sigh* and i have some hibiscus that need to come out of pots and be planted
  • finish papier mache-ing the pinata and painting it black with white skull and crossbones
  • making the pirate ship cake (dreading this -  cake decorating...... let's just say i have the best of intentions but my result never seems to equate the effort put in)
this papier mache pinata has me stumped...... i have 11 layers on but am not sure how many need to be done. i don't want it exploding with the first whack, nor do i want it to be indestructible.

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