Thursday, 22 March 2012

FritzyBitz Commissions Opening Again

as of the 26th of march, i am re-opening the fritzybitz commission list once again. please email me at if you would like to grab a spot or have a general query.

how does the fritzybitz commission list work?
  1. contact me at the above email address and we can discuss fabrics/styles/trims (a limit of three items per customer, please)
  2. i shall give you a price and the approximate timeframe that  you can expect your order to be complete
  3. once your item/s are ready, i shall take pics, post on flickr and send you a link. at this point i am ready to take payment via paypal
  4. once i have your payment i shall post your order and let you know that your order has been sent to you
some finer details - regular postage is $3 worldwide, $2 within  Australia. this is for regular post only, worldwide registered post costs a ridiculous $18 (or $3 within Australia) and although i have experienced very fine things with our worldwide postal system and anticipate that your package will arrive quickly and safely, i cannot be held responsible for lost packages. most of my styles range from $18 - $28 per item, although in some cases for more intricate styles/rare and vintage fabrics, the price can rise beyond this.

i won't be taking more than ten customers at this stage. long lists stress me out completely!

hoping to work with you soon to create something special for your blythe


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